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The cheaper, ad-free Netflix bundle has been discontinued in more and more places

The cheaper, ad-free Netflix bundle has been discontinued in more and more places

We’ve previously reported that Netflix is ​​eliminating the “Basic” package, which is the cheapest ad-free subscription option, and now there are reports that more and more regions are doing so.

After Canada, it is no longer possible to subscribe to the cheaper, ad-free package in the USA and UK, and this option will soon be rolling out to other countries as well.

Obviously, Netflix’s goal is to increase revenue, and the base-level cancellation is expected to meet expectations. Those who want a cheaper subscription will have to watch ads, and those who don’t want ads will have to pay more. The company does well with both.

Here is the new offering (there’s a good chance it will be available elsewhere later):

  • Standard with ads: Displayed in 1080p on up to 2 devices simultaneously, but ads will appear and there will be some content not available in this version
  • standard: Displayed in 1080p resolution on up to two devices simultaneously (no ads)
  • beloved: 4K resolution and can be viewed on up to 4 devices at the same time (no ads)

The good news is that, for now, only new subscribers in affected countries have to cancel the basic, ad-free package. Of course, this may change later.

In Hungary, the offer hasn’t changed at the moment, in fact, the ad-supported subscription option hasn’t appeared in our country yet, but perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the changes take effect here as well.


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