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The British will leave the European Union in a few days

The British will leave the European Union in a few days

On Wednesday evening, the debate in the British Parliament concluded on drafting an agreement setting conditions for ending British membership in the European Union (Brexit). II. With formal approval from Queen Elizabeth, which is in line with the passage of the law, the law will soon come into effect, and it is now almost certain that the UK will leave the European Union next Friday, on the Brexit deadline. According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the UK has crossed the “Brexit goal line” after Parliament passed a bill to define terms for ending Britain’s membership in the European Union.

Parliamentary deliberations on a bill to legalize the Brexit agreement ended Wednesday evening. For two weeks now, the House of Commons has approved, by a comfortable majority of 330 to 231, the draft needed to ratify the Brexit agreement, which is then submitted to the House of Lords in the House of Lords.

The unelected Senate of key members has attached several amendments to the Brexit bill that go against the intentions of the Conservative Party government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Thus, the House of Commons put the document back on the agenda on Wednesday afternoon, and within barely two consecutive hours, each time it voted by a large majority on the amendments to the House of Lords.

The draft was then referred to the House of Lords in a procedure called Parliamentary Table Tennis in semi-official language.

The Senate could have persevered with the amendments it initiated, or it could insist on some compromise, and then the Brexit bill would have gone the way between the two chambers several times.

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But on Wednesday evening, the senators gave up this option and passed the bill without re-introducing the amendments that were voted on.

Thus, the parliamentary hearing ended late on Wednesday and the second. With formal approval from Queen Elizabeth, which coincides with the passage of the legislation, legislation to enact the Brexit agreement will come into effect soon.

It also becomes certain that the UK will leave the European Union (EU) with a ratified agreement in an orderly manner on the Brexit deadline of 23:00 British time next Friday – midnight CET.

In a statement marking the conclusion of parliamentary negotiations on the Brexit agreement, presented by Downing Street at dawn on Thursday, Boris Johnson himself asserted that the fact that Parliament has passed the Brexit Act means the UK will leave on January 31. . From the European Union.

The British Prime Minister added strongly to the impetus that after Brexit, the UK is moving forward as one country.


The provision is hardly a secret indication that the separatist Scottish government plans to hold another referendum on Scottish independence this year.

What about the Scots?

In a referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union in June 2016, a narrow national average of 51.89 percent of voters voted to leave, while 62 percent of Scots voted to stay.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon has argued several times since then that Scotland cannot allow London to “withdraw” from the European Union despite its stated intention to stay. Speaking to TV, the BBC said recently that it is convinced that Scotland, as an independent country, can return to the Union in a relatively short time.

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A referendum on Scottish independence was already held in 2014, but 55 percent of those voted not to separate Scotland from Britain.

Last week, Boris Johnson formally refused to allow another Scottish independence referendum, indicating, above all, that the Scottish government had promised at the time that the 2014 referendum would continue for a generation.

Photo: AFP

In a statement released Thursday marking the end of the Brexit trial, the British prime minister put it this way: There were times “we never seemed to exceed our Brexit target, but we have now.”

This provides an opportunity for the country to abandon the hatred and division of the past three years and focus on a bright and exciting future, Johnson said.

According to Downing Street, the exit agreement is expected to be signed in the coming days by Charles Michel, President of the European Council, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office in London said the European Parliament will vote on the exit agreement on January 29.

According to Johnson’s office, once all formalities are completed, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will sign the instrument of ratification of the Brexit agreement, which will be deposited in Brussels before the withdrawal date.

Has failed

The government of former British Prime Minister Theresa May presented the original Brexit agreement reached in November 2018 to the House of Commons three times, but the room, in which the Conservative Party was in the minority at the time, voted against the bill three times.

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Soon the head of the Conservative Party and the government left.

Last October, the members of the House of Representatives in the previous parliament, on the initiative of the incumbent Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, voted in favor of the principles of the Brexit agreement, but immediately after that they voted in favor of a very narrow timetable for the government to age. the agreement. It has been said that a bill of this size and complexity cannot be studied carefully and judged within the time frame set by the government in the three days of negotiations.

Thereafter, Johnson would no longer present the Brexit bill to the House of Commons at the time, but – also after long fights with Parliament – he called early elections on December 12th.

In the election, the ruling Conservative Party won a much bigger than expected victory for more than three decades, and after minority rule so far, it now has a comfortable majority of 80 in the House of Commons in London.

Since then, the government has won all of the House votes on the Brexit deal, with a large majority.

So on Wednesday evening, it became final for the agreement to become law, and for the UK to leave the European Union in a stable manner next week, with a ratified agreement.

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