We are organizing the World Cup of Tricky Games with 5.3 billion HUF in public funds weeks before the Olympics

We are organizing the World Cup of Tricky Games with 5.3 billion HUF in public funds weeks before the Olympics

Compared to the World Cup in Budapest four years ago, the start of the tournament would be at least double that. The retired Austrians have hosted half as many World Cups this year as Hungary. Who is it for?

Laszlo ToothPresident of the Hungarian Judo Federation (MJSZ) at the end of October last year, the closing day of the Grand Slam competition in Budapest AdvertiseThe right to host the World Championships, originally granted to Hungary in 2022, will be offered to 2021 at the request of the International Judo Federation (IJF). The government has also given a boon in principle, From June 3, the World Cup, which also qualifies for the five ring matches in Tokyo Organized by Hungary.

In its decision of 25 June 2019, the government decided to support the 2022 World Cup in Budapest, relying on Hungary’s right to settle a month later. The resolution to me

  • In 2020, 3 million HUF for the settlement fee and 155 million HUF for the settlement cost,
  • In 2021, another $ 3 million for royalties and another $ 285 million for settlement,
  • Whereas in 2022, it provides for another $ 2 million in royalties and HUF 3.2 billion for settlement.

That is, in 2019, based on the draft budget presented by the association, the government agreed that about $ 8 million and 3.645 billion Swiss francs, a total of just over 6 billion forints, would be needed in 2022 to settle the World Cup. . This surprisingly large sum was requested by MJSZ for a seven-day competition that did not require an investment in construction.

The budget doubled in four years

We can also find local and international examples to compare costs of organizing world sorcery tournaments. MJSZ organized a very successful World Cup in Budapest, at the Papp László Arena, almost four years ago Victor Urban In addition to the Prime Minister, he is also a great juggling player and sports friend Russian President Vladimir Putin Also appeared.


He will not forget Putin, the passionate warrior

The Russian head of state has been in contact with martial arts since childhood, as well as with people with whom he used to train. Not surprisingly, it took a lot.

The country, of course, also submitted for the 2017 event the support:

  • $ 5 million in revenue (increased by $ 3 million),
  • And 1.231 billion HUF for settlement.

The amount of the two support items will not only reach 2.8 billion HUF in 2017, but even at the current exchange rate for the dollar, i.e. the budget has doubled in four years.

The 2021 World Cup was originally supposed to be organized by Vienna. Insidethegames.biz website The Austrian government had a much smaller overall budget of around 12 million euros (4.4 billion HUF) and was also responsible for the sport. Heinz Christian Strache As a minister, he also pledged to guarantee only half of it on behalf of the cabinet. If we deal with the fact that their revenue is also $ 8 million, the Austrians would have kicked the World Cup out of the € 4 million cap, or HUF 1.45 billion, compared to the domestic settlement costs of HUF 3.645 billion.

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This is 2 billion forint less than the settlement costs envisioned by the Hungarian Association.

Why are we organizing in 2021, and why not in 2022?

It is also interesting that we did not host the World Championships seven weeks before the Tokyo Olympics this year, and we did not originally win it in 2022. On the other hand, Strache, who at that time also held the position of Austrian vice-chancellor, resigned with respect from the authority: in a clip A 2017 video, recorded in 2017, the politician negotiated with a woman who had hired herself as a Russian niece. Oligarchs. Strache resigned due to the internal political scandal that came to light. Hans Paul Cochira, President of the Austrian Judo Federation, fearing that they would not be able to raise the IJF pepper royalties and settlement costs afterward, canceled the organization of the World Cup in Vienna.

To the site of the Austrian capital Tashkent jumped, But last year, the international competitions calendar was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the decision was made in March to postpone the Tokyo Olympics until 2021.And the It also missed the World Cup Finals, all of which prompted the IJF leadership to re-button the 2021 race calendar.

After a long period without international competitions, MJSZ first organized the so-called Grand Slam bubble in Budapest last October. It’s a bubble because there are special safety regulations for the contestants, coaches who came with them, the judges, and all the organizers. According to the government decree, foreign athletes and sports leaders can only travel to Hungary with a negative PCR test, they were excluded from the outside world, and everyone underwent continuous testing before and during the competition.

The Grand Slam in Budapest proved to be an excellent model competition. According to information received from the association in our capital last October 405 Quackers from 61 countries stand on tatami matsThat’s just over half of the average number of competitors in the World Cup.

MJSZ organized the event with the help of 350 million forints with government support, and this amount is not one-tenth of the World Cup support guaranteed in the government’s 2019 decision, while the two events are not much different in terms of implementation.

After the success of Grand Slam from a sporting and epidemiological point of view, and culminating in a positive Coronavirus test, the International Federation also suggested what would happen if the 2022 World Cup was introduced in Budapest to 2021 and the Uzbeks were awarded the 2022 World Cup.

Tamás Kovács / MTI Sándor Ocsai (in white) will fight against Slovenian Martin Hojak in the qualifier for the 73 kg group at the Budapest Juggling Grand Slam competition at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena on October 24, 2020. The Hungarian competitor won

Loose bargaining position?

Usually, when there is no pandemic, a It has 204 member states The IJF World Championships is one of the largest events in individual Olympic sports. This is also evidenced by the much more crowded World Cup field than the average Olympic sport and the higher amount of organized royalties. In 2019 828 Judo stood on the carpet in the World Cup in Tokyo, To 2017-es 728 competitors from 126 countries started in Budapest.

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But this year, the Hungarian Judo Association will host a world championship

  • Which, although it is a major sporting event, is still the main competition for this year, as it began seven weeks before the Tokyo Olympics, and it is not the luckiest time.
  • Plus, it needs to be organized in such a way that there is a good chance that we will remain implicated in the pandemic.

For this reason, MJSZ is not expected to expect any significant audience or advertising revenue (as it did at Grand Slam last October).

One would think, knowing all these arguments, that MJSZ was in a great negotiating position, skillfully negotiated with the IJF, and made major concessions, if nothing else, but in terms of ownership costs. We asked the local assembly if they were trying to bargain, otherwise why not, and if so, why were they not successful.

George the Great We have received a response from the Secretary-General:

The responsibility for setting royalties rests with the governing bodies of the International Golf Federation.

The senior federation official also stated that, unlike football, for example, where the revenue from TV broadcasts and advertising provided by UEFA contributes significantly to the costs of hosting the European Summer Championships of the Hungarian Football Association, the International Golf Federation does not offer anything in return. 8 million royalties dollars.

The right to hold a contest.

It looks like we’re spending 5.3 billion on the World Cup this year

The government is aware of all this on March 5 this year In its decision Provides for submission of approved resource schedule in 2019 and adjustment of amounts. the state

  • It still owns $ 8 million, but “only” gives out about 2.9 billion fort instead of 3.645 billion.
  • Moreover, the National Sports Agency does not undertake to spend the resource to the Kft Foundation. (NSÜ) with MJSZ participation, but vice versa.

We also requested a detailed budget plan for the World Cup, on the basis of which the government agreed to this targeted support. At our request, György Nagy distributed the following tire numbers for calendar year 2021:

Data from the federation shows that while the government continues to provide $ 8 million (2.48 billion HUF) in royalties, this year’s World Cup budget for MJSZ is about half a billion forints, only 1.949 billion forints ($ 6.28 million). According to information from the federation, this may be due to the fact that NSÜ may have already spent on the World Cup between 2019 and 2021.

Therefore, in order to find out the final amount spent on the World Cup, it will also be important to know exactly how much money the country paid in the World Cup with the regulations of the two sports organizations assigned to the match. To that end, we wrote a letter to the Finance Ministry and Amy, but didn’t receive a response until our article was published.

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As far as we know, the Hungarian country will support the just seven-day event this year with at least 5.3 billion HUF.

The question arises as to who and why the Google World Championship is so important that we spend a lot of public money on it. According to the Secretary General of MJSZ: “To all sports enthusiasts, sports-loving civilians and sports media professionals, more than ten million contestants from 204 member states have left us all without experience and mission due to the lockdown.” he added

Keeping in mind the rules of the IJF rankings, most of the Olympic qualification points can be won at the World Junior Championships. This makes it easy for a competitor to qualify in the last qualifying event or be easily excluded from the quota.

The budget for the world-class World Cup tournaments is increasing year by year

Compared to the Googling World Cup, the government funding for the 2018 World Wrestling Championship is small, which was originally around 3 million Swiss francs and 1.2 billion Ft. However, the Hungarian Wrestling Association In the 2018 Public Benefit Report Finally, it provided 3.270 billion HUF in government aid received for public benefit operations in connection with the World Cup. That amount is nearly six times what the federation hosted the best-ever world tournament in 2013, but only half of the June World Juggling Championship.

In terms of Olympic sports, the government has so far spent the largest amount on the 2017 World Water Championships. It is true that the budgetary items, which have largely exceeded 100 billion HUF, have been washed away by the costs of building swimming pools, landscaping and other construction investments (sports pool, kumjadi pool) , Margaret Island, Beast Junction at Arpad Bridge, Bicycle Bridge, etc.).

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