The British High Court rejected the neutral passport.

However, the British Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit, which would have required the government to issue non-neutral passports, BBC writes. The lawsuit was initiated by transgender Kristi Elan Kahn years ago, arguing that the current practice of issuing passports, which states that the “no” box is for men and women only, violates the country’s human rights laws.

In the reasons for the refusal decision, the British judiciary stated that the gender of passport applicants Biographical data to assist authorities in identifying the applicant.

According to Pink News, there are several countries that allow the “X” gender option in passports, including Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, India, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nepal, Pakistan, Germany, Malta, New Zealand and Uruguay.

Non-neutral passports are eligible They are also accepted by the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization for machine-readable travel documents and recognized by the United Kingdom if they are issued by another country.

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