The bear holds everything

The bear holds everything

We live in a strange age. While we are screaming in real life, we shout when we feel that our privacy is being violated, our privacy rights, in the virtual world we live our lives on display, showing everything, even what we shouldn’t be doing. We have a reason for this, because when we log into the social media interface, we are faced with a lot of posts and pictures, all of which reveal that our acquaintances are having a good time. On top of that, what’s even more painful: They seem to be enjoying life more than we do. Once again, this must be done urgently! It is no coincidence, then, that nearly four billion likes and comments take place every day on Facebook alone.

It cannot be denied that the hugely popular game of the internet world is admired. And getting admired in this game means: Like that, you matter, you are not indifferent to others. And everyone knows it feels great. That’s why we share the likes: we want them back, that is, they love us too. But the emergence of a happy life takes a lot of likes, and we are able to do many things for that. We often see a voluntary confession in a good post: “I’m stealing!” Sure, we steal, cheat, cheat, we all play a role in making us appear smarter, smarter, smarter and introverted than we really are. And if we taste it, if we catch a taste of the positive feedback, no stopping from here. Come on another post, let more likes come! Come on, until now, until now! Hooray! We are interesting, interesting, and envious of them. We love it when they love it. Finally a place where we get real life metrics for us!

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However, we dance on thin ice, play a dangerous game, and if we grab the machine belt, we regain our admission into Anonymous’s Alcoholics Club. In modern psychology, there is already separate literature on the problems arising from the online presence, and the emergence of similar buttons has given new additional content to an already complex phenomenon. Many already believe that the arrival of proverbs is interpreted as a reward, and absence as punishment.

It is no coincidence that new words demanded a place in our online dictionary: stalking content, like hunting, and even today, it’s like liking.

The other side of who he loves and why deserves a separate chapter. After all, there is a tribal like, like a mutual, a winning type, must like, charitable like, a desired kind, an interest like, or even an arrogant one. However, there are hidden peeps who never like our singles entry, the maximum we can pocket them from is counter likes. But next time.

In the meantime, we agree that until social sites dare to take the drastic step of removing the like counters (mentioned earlier), everything will remain the same, which means that in 2021, similarity will carry it all.

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