The Americans are punishing the Russians and the North Koreans with missiles

The goal of the United States is to prevent North Korea from developing its weapons program.

MTI said the United States on Wednesday sentenced six North Korean officials, a Russian official and a Russian company responsible for delivering goods from Russia and China for North Korea’s weapons programs. The immediate precedent for this action is that North Korea has tested missiles again in recent months, most recently on January 5 and 11, which it claims are hypersonic.

According to the US Treasury, the sanctions are aimed at preventing North Korea from developing its weapons program and transferring its weapons technology to other countries, as Pyongyang continues to illegally purchase various assets for its weapons programs with the help of foreign officials.

North Korea’s missile tests since September violate several UN Security Council resolutions and show that it continues to pursue banned development programs, despite repeated calls from the international community for renewed dialogue on eliminating its nuclear and weapons programs. korean peninsula cleansing

Read the explanatory note that Brian NelsonSigned by the Secretary of State for Counter-Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the Ministry of Finance.

According to the US State Department, North Korea lives in Russia Ts Mahjong Hojun, the Russians Roman Anatolifix Alara A Russian company called Parszek contributed in particular to North Korea’s acquisition of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery. Zho Mjong Hyjon, a representative of the Second North Korean Academy of Natural Sciences in Vladivostok, has purchased telecommunications equipment for his country in Russia. In addition, Washington sanctioned four other academics in China and another North Korean official for purchasing steel ingots, software and chemicals. According to Washington, this North Korean academy is highly involved in the development of the country’s military defense program.

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Punitive measures mean freezing and banning all potential assets of people that the US judiciary can get their hands on.

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