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The 19 million bitcoins were mined, leaving two million coins

The 19 million bitcoins were mined, leaving two million coins

19 million bitcoins have been mined in recent days, leaving only 2 million of the maximum bitcoin stockpile, i.e. exactly 21 million coins. However, the pace of mining is expected to slow steadily over time, and the last coin is expected to be mined in the year 2140.

The first of April of this year was a lot of fun, and although there are some tricks Wicked joke from real usersThe number of bitcoins that can be mined is certainly no joke. Incidentally, the news that less than two million new bitcoins could be sold from now on came a few days before the Bitcoin 2022 conference next week. As announced yesterday in an official announcement to the Kraken Stock Exchange that It will now support the Bitcoin Lightning network, This allows us to make cheaper and instant BTC deposits and withdrawals on the platform.

Life thrives in the world of cryptocurrency

As for the technical details, Bitcoin has boasted a slightly bullish mood this week, thanks in part to the network’s growing activity. The strictly defined amount, or the cap of 21 million, is intended to keep bitcoin a kind of limited commodity unlike traditional financial instruments, thus avoiding the development of inflation. By the way, a number of theories have been formulated about the maximum: some approach them mathematically, but others Who took it a little looserand imagine the father of Bitcoin to be a pingpong genius… Anyway, only Satoshi himself, who is not the easiest to get to, can tell you the exact answer.

In addition to the exciting exchange rate events, there has been another week in the cryptocurrency world We have explained it in more detail here. And as we mentioned above, it will take place in Miami Bitcoin Conference As a matter of fact, we are looking forward to another bloody weeks to come. At the meeting, the “adults” prefer to share the main developments for the future. Last year, for example, El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, announced for the first time at this conference that he would send a bill to the country’s Congress to legally bid for bitcoin. Well, with what delicacies we are waiting for this year, they will be revealed soon – stay tuned in the meantime, we will come up with the details!

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