Tesco and Aldi are grateful for reversing the government's decision

Tesco and Aldi are grateful for reversing the government’s decision

The abolition of the retirees’ time zone could easily have saved store sales in December, as well as the health of shoppers, who did not flock to the shorter business hours available to field shoppers.

Despite the negative economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on retail trade, 2020 is expected to be slightly better than the previous year – Tell Peter Ceresnies, Secretary of State for Trade Policy and Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) for the global economy, based on December data.

At Tesco, the number of purchases increased during the Christmas period, as in previous years. An average of 2.5 treatments per week can grow up to 20 percent. At Spar, December sales were slightly higher in value compared to 2019. The number of transactions is similar to the trend that defined the entire year miss From previous years, the value of the basket increased in parallel.

In the Aldi experience, growth was quieter in December 2020 than in previous months, as the store chain expects higher demand ahead of the holidays. Over the past year, it was observed that shoppers made more purchases, so compared to the previous year, the number of shoppers decreased in 2020, while the average basket value was higher.

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There was growing tension in stores with a shopping bar for the elderly, which the government finally raised on December 12th. According to Spar’s assessment, there was less congestion in stores due to the time zone suspension. Aldi also reported that eliminating purchase time zones had a positive effect, with traffic and customers distributed evenly during business hours.

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