Although Windows 10 is still a relatively recent system, sooner or later it will also fall into the fate of Windows 7 and take its hands off its developer.

Microsoft has updated the official documentation for Windows 10, which now shows how long it considers applicable and therefore eligible for support: New release date, the system is currently scheduled to run for more than four years, October 14, 2025. Retirement to retire.

In other words, sooner or later this interface will lose its privileged status, and no bug fixes or new functionality will be added.

The Program Lifecycle (EOL) change is described in extreme technology Stab. According to the portal, the 2025 date applies to almost all versions of Windows 10 sold, including Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations. Companies invented for corporations are likely to remain usable for a longer period.

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The fact that the program is nearing the end of its life cycle is not a surprise, even with Windows 10: the system was officially released in 2015, so ending support in 2025 is actually a logical and understandable move – ten years is still a long time. However, it also causes some confusion, as Microsoft itself previously announced that it will not release more new versions of Windows. But today another wind is blowing and it is becoming more and more certain that the company is Windows 11 Prepares for your arrival.

As is extreme technology It also points out that Microsoft may have thought it was a good idea to keep Windows 10 alive for a few years, but it actually caused an unpleasant situation. This is because none of the competing software vendors (like Apple and Google) are facing trends, as new releases are usually marketed under a new name/numbering. This is important not only because of the sense of modernity, but also because it is the easiest way for users to distinguish between two versions of software.

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