Based on patents that have surfaced so far, Vanarama has tried to imagine what the iPhone manufacturers’ first passenger car might look like — if it were ever finished.

The fact that Apple has been working on its own car has been known for a relatively long time, having contracted with several automotive specialists over the years. However, it is still not known exactly how the work will progress and when the audience will be able to see the four-wheeled apple cart.

Vanarama, a rental company, couldn’t wait any longer and created a stunning concept based on patent plans published thus far. Of course, the work may not make any sense, and the car will look completely different once it’s finished. However, this concept is still quite amazing, but to the point that it is not only appreciated by car lovers.

As for the photos, the company believes that Apple will integrate Siri’s digital assistant into the car, which would not be surprising. However, there is no longer any doubt about the achievement of the Apple logo on the tires, but who knows.

Vanarama the side There is also a 360-degree visual design to inspect the vehicle inside and out. If the outward appearance: The company does not rule out that the new product will be released by Tim Cook in the same colors as the iPhones.

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