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Starfield: A world-famous actor featured in the game – why is it worth waiting for November 11th?!

Starfield: A world-famous actor featured in the game – why is it worth waiting for November 11th?!

One Starfield player has some great design skills to create a look similar to Leonardo DiCaprio in Bethesda’s latest game. Meanwhile, do we have a reason to prepare for November 11?

A Starfield player has created a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike In the latest RPG from Bethesda. His inimitable design is the latest in a long line of examples of the game’s character creator’s remarkable flexibility.

Starfield continues Bethesda’s long tradition of offering endearing character creation in open-world RPGs.

The latest impressive attempt comes from Reddit user BigChungusSupremex. He recently succeeded in creating a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike in Starfield. The young DiCaprio lookalike has impressed thousands of gamers. His performance made headlines on the r/Starfield subreddit over the weekend. In addition to the general praise, many fans who reacted to the design feat also expressed their displeasure. Pointing out how little success they themselves have had in their own attempts to create their own faces in the game…

Additionally, the author of a DiCaprio lookalike book offered to share look sliders in response to the complaints. But the complaints themselves highlight that Starfield’s character creator is very difficult to master, despite its impressive flexibility. The root of the problem lies in Bethesda’s decision to tie granular face shaping controls into dozens of non-writable sliders known as “shape blends.”

It goes without saying that recreating a special look in a galaxy-spanning RPG is long, arduous and requires a great deal of trial and error.

The author of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Starfield portrayal overcame these difficulties with sheer tenacity. After explaining that he simply pulled a picture of the famous actor onto his laptop, he placed the computer next to the TV and began sculpting every corner of his character’s face with great care. He tried until he was completely satisfied with the end result. The fan revealed that the entire process took about an hour. He added that by the time he finished, he had mastered the mechanics. Players who aren’t keen on such time-consuming work can still try modifying one of the various appearance settings offered by the character creator. This template block can also be expanded using the Starfield PC mod.

November 11 could be a big day for Starfield

November 11 is a special day for Bethesda. Skyrim was released on November 11th. Starfield’s first announced release date was November 11, 2022, before it was delayed to 2023. It seems likely that Bethesda would have released the game on November 11 of this year if that day wasn’t a Saturday, but it’s just that it’s not a typical Sunday. The week doesn’t mean that Bethesda can’t do something special on this day. . It really feels like it should, celebrating the final release of Starfield and maybe doing something for Skyrim’s 12th anniversary. What it might be, if it appears at all, is not yet known.

Two months after Starfield’s release, it might make sense to reveal an official roadmap or provide more details about the Shattered Space DLC.

Another option might be something smaller, perhaps some crossover content between Starfield and Skyrim. Or even just reveal some key player statistics. After all, it seems likely that Bethesda will do something about it today. Fans shouldn’t expect any major drop in content or anything really related to The Elder Scrolls 6. Since it’s only a couple of months away, it would be a great way to celebrate November 11 as Bethesda Day. That’s not really the case yet, but given that fans of other games celebrate certain days as unofficial holidays, it makes sense for Bethesda to take advantage of November 11th.

Of course, it may happen that this date will not mean anything special. This is the most boring option, even if it is also the most likely. Overall, it’s clear that many fans will still be playing Starfield on November 11.

source: Reddit, India Games Today

My attempt with Leo DiCaprio!
byu/BigChungusSupremex StringStarfield

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