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Siolako’s Change in Diplomatic Focus: Ambitions of a Head of State?

Siolako’s Change in Diplomatic Focus: Ambitions of a Head of State?

There was a big difference in focus between Prime Minister Marcel Ciolako and President Klaus Iohannis’ foreign policy presentation on Tuesday. While the President repeated the usual clichés centering on transatlantic cooperation, the Prime Minister spoke of strengthening foreign trade diplomacy and European negotiations from the stand of equals.

Klaus Iohannis and Marcel Ciolacu also addressed Romanian diplomats at the annual meeting of ambassadors in Bucharest. The head of state – who according to the constitution is also responsible for the country’s foreign policy – has repeatedly emphasized the importance of close cooperation with the United States, Romanian efforts to preserve the unity of the European Union, and support for Ukraine and Moldova. and various strategic partnerships.

Prime Minister Marcel Siolako also addressed the diplomats in a slightly different way than usual. He asked the State Department to study the most suitable business opportunities for the various states. This means a kind of change in attitudes compared to previous positions, as Romanian diplomacy – unlike, for example, Hungarian – has so far separated the economic and commercial line and the activity of classical foreign policy. Ciolacu stated that during the two months he spent in Germany, he met not only the chancellor, but also representatives of the economic sphere there, and that a Romanian-German business forum would be organized by the end of September. the Prime Minister asked him on Tuesday From Luminita OdescuGym Minister to establish a mechanism through which the ministry will monitor and integrate relevant business opportunities and proposals.

Ciolaco also touched on cooperation with the European Union. He stressed, among other things, that EU membership is one of the main reference points for Romania’s development over the past 16 years. Romania is Europe. Europe Romania. “A firm foreign policy should depend on a consistent medium- and long-term domestic policy, not on momentary political interests,” the prime minister said. “A firm foreign policy also means that we have to negotiate with our partners from the position of equals,” he stressed.

Marcel Ciulacu recently said regarding live press coverage of his trip to Brussels scheduled for this week in Romania, that Romania’s prime minister and ministers “don’t kneel before anyone, they don’t kneel before anyone and they don’t carry out any business.” Nobody’s orders.” Several members of the government are negotiating with the European Commission these days over amending the law regulating higher private pensions, tax measures and budget deficits this year, after Brussels implemented the third phase of payments from EU recovery funds to Romania based on a settlement. these issues.

Although the leader of the Social Democratic Party has not yet spoken about his candidacy for the presidential elections at the end of next year, Siolako’s active role in foreign policy may be related to his ambition to become head of state. Meanwhile, with his remarks pointing to ever stronger Romanian diplomacy in Brussels, the prime minister is likely to take the wind off the URA’s sails. His words may also relate to the fact that, according to a recently published survey, less than a year before next year’s European Parliament elections, one of the main topics in public discourse is the issue of sovereignty. The vast majority of those surveyed (60%) believe that nation-states should be given greater decision-making rights, even if this limits EU decisions.

A public opinion poll last fall indicated that a majority of Romanians believe that the country’s leaders should follow a sovereign policy. At the time, the Avangard Institute measured 61% support for this trend against global politics. Support for the latter was only sixteen percent. Incidentally, domestic polls have been indicating the popularity of sovereign policies for some time.

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