She left her husband, a well-known actress and model after 30 years

She left her husband, a well-known actress and model after 30 years

Divorce is transformative in many areas of life, and experts say it can push a person to the same emotional depths as grief. There are situations in which it is especially difficult to process a loss, but many do not talk about it, try to get over it on their own. However, among the Hungarian stars were those who publicly pledged to address their divorce with the help of a psychologist, or at least had low points when they turned their heads so much that they could not move forward on their own.

Vasefary Vivian

The luxurious wife sought help after the divorce from Fecsó because she could not deal alone with the separation, disappointments, and responsibilities that awaited her as a single mother of two children. “After we broke up with Fecsó, I felt like I needed to look at the direction my life was going. I wanted to be aware of my mistakes, and I wanted to see exactly what I needed to improve. But perhaps most importantly, I realized I needed outside help.” Last year, he said, “For me, the psychiatrist is the guiding principle. I go to therapy for an hour twice a week, and we’ve been talking online since the pandemic.”

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“I’ve been through a lot of pain in my life, I’ve always been disappointed in my relationships, but my divorce has been crucial to seeking help. The psychiatrist helps me ask the questions I ask myself. It shows me the tools that I can use in my daily life to help me achieve my goals. I also have to deal with my childhood fears, which I still fight to this day. I used to feel a lot of anxiety, and I locked my pain in myself, and I knew I was alone enough to solve this,” he revealed.

Laszlo Liebay

László Lippai is going through the most difficult period of his life. The actor lived for 30 years with his wife Kristina, who left him overnight. I have been experiencing privacy for 178 days. I’ve also been treated by a couple of psychologists, but that didn’t help either. “I can’t be with anyone else yet,” said the actor recently, who isn’t out of shock yet and doesn’t want to see his wife left alone, while there will be women applying for the job. Until now.


Lipay, who could not eat for a snack, admitted: “It didn’t give him a half a percent chance of starting over, to make up for anything. We could both have made mistakes, because I didn’t realize he was unhappy.” A month and a half in grief, he lost ten pounds during that time.

wolf katie

The singer and her husband fought hard for their relationship for a long time, but realized that it would not go any further. He made a brief statement to the newspapers about the difficult period, but stressed that the most important thing for him was to protect his daughters from pain. He even asked for the advice of a psychologist on how to communicate to the children that father and mother will not live together from here, but that they can count on both in the same way.

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“My parents and friends stood by me all the way, and I could call them at any time and cry their grief over them. And the one who helped me the most is a psychiatrist I went to several times in the beginning because of the kids, To ask for advice on how to explain such a situation to them, and how to go through them in divorce. In the end I hung out with him there, he helped me a lot. He advised that information should be shared with children honestly and always only when it is necessary.”

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