She became the UK’s first blind black female lawyer

Jessica Inaba used the Braille note-taking tool in her university lectures.

The Jessica Inaba The 23-year-old British girl graduated from London Law School last week, becoming the UK’s first black and blind female lawyer – Writes metro.

It was hard, I often thought about giving up, but the support of my family gave me courage and strength. It feels really good, I know I give hope to others who are in a similar situation to me.

– Tell.

Several photos were taken of Annaba as a newly graduated lawyer, this can be here Watch.

The lawyer is completely blind, and while studying at the London School of Law, he mastered the curriculum with the help of Braille, even if it was much more difficult to obtain.

The girl claims that one of her books took seven months and five months for another using Braille.

I spent more time creating my curriculum than studying.

– Tell.

He used the Braille note-taking tool during lectures, but was often helped by his groupmates, who read lecture notes to him. But even so, it took him longer to study, according to his account, in 2019 he kept losing consciousness because he slept only 3 hours a day.

Jess is the first black and blind student to study at the University of Law. We are very proud of her accomplishments and know she will be an inspiration to all students. We wish him the best in his future career

The university told him.

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