Film composer Milan Hodovan is the band's new keyboard player.

At the recent Péterfy Bori & Love Band concert with Ambrus Tövisházi, it was announced that keyboardist Milán Hodová will replace Tövisházi who is leaving the band.

Hodovan is a composer and producer IMDb page According to him, he started composing film scores at the age of seventeen, before being accepted into the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. the Xanox He recorded his own romantic and sci-fi music, but wrote the music for My treasure. My fortuneAnd Christvok Diack granddaughter Together with Ohnody, they contributed to the music for his film. According to the website, Hodová also plays percussion, keyboards and cello.

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In an interview with, Ambros Touficazi said that he had been thinking about leaving Bori for four or five years. “But it's very difficult, because I invented everything, and I'm the composer and the bandleader from the beginning, so even with all the work and all the success, it still feels like my success. There's so much work and joy,” he said, “if there was a big scale on which the scales could be weighed.” These sixteen years, this scale has lately tipped towards saying with a heavy heart, I must let the love band go.”