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Scientists have come with terrible news: intense solar storms are reaching Earth

Scientists have come with terrible news: intense solar storms are reaching Earth

Recently, interesting phenomena have occurred on the planet we all live on. From climate change to various other weather phenomena.

Solar storms will soon reach Earth Image: Pixabay

Scientists have now found evidence that unprecedentedly intense solar storms are reaching Earth. Our planet’s atmosphere and magnetic field protect us from such intense solar radiation, but that doesn’t mean these “storms” don’t cause damage. Such solar storms can seriously damage electrical and communications networks.

In new findings published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, scientists have discovered more about the Sun’s extreme behavior and the dangers it poses to Earth.

A team of researchers from Collège de France, CEREGE, IMBE, the University of Aix-Marseille and the University of Leeds have measured high levels of radiocarbon in ancient trees preserved on the banks of the Drozier River in the southern French Alps. The logs were cut into small single tree rings, and analysis from each ring showed an unprecedented rise in radiocarbon levels exactly 14,300 years ago.

Radiocarbon is continuously produced in the upper atmosphere through a series of reactions initiated by cosmic rays

It is to explain Edward is coolprofessor of climate and ocean evolution at the Collège de France and CEREGE.

Severe solar storms can have a major impact on Earth. Such severe storms can permanently damage transformers in our power grids, leading to widespread and widespread power outages that last for months.“to caution Tim HeatonProfessor of Applied Statistics at the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds, named B Unilad Quoted.

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