Samsung's Windows SmartThings app has been updated

Samsung’s Windows SmartThings app has been updated

Intelligent platforms that support the platform can also be controlled from computers.

The Windows 10 app for the SmartThings gadget platform has been revamped, however, Samsung released the new version as a completely separate product in the Microsoft Store instead of updating the existing app, so many users might miss becoming available. For those not familiar with the app, SmartThings can be used to control suitable lights, televisions, door locks, trackers, speakers, security cameras, home appliances, and similar devices from computers.

Samsung SmartThingsSource: Samsung

a Renewable version The possible reason for making it available as a separate app is that you need at least the Windows 10 May 2020 Update to run it, while the previous version also met the Windows 10 Creators Update released in Spring 2017. The old SmartThings app can no longer be downloaded from the Store, so anyone will be forced He wants to use the new app but has too old to upgrade first.

There appears to be a slight functional difference in Old And that the new Among the SmartThings apps, the latter is the most different in that it follows Windows 10 guidelines in the look and feel of its user interface.

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