Samsung is already updating more in the mid-range than Google

Google recently introduced the Pixel 7a, which could be one of the best phones in its class, especially if someone cares about an excellent camera. The long support period also speaks in favor of Pixel mobiles, although, to be honest, Samsung has already outpaced the search giant in this area.

One of the most notable opponents of the Pixel 7a is the Galaxy A54, with both phones having very fair specs. We don’t want to go into a detailed comparison of the features right now, but it’s definitely an interesting piece of information While Google promises three major updates for its mid-range phone, Samsung can expect four new versions of Android (Or for five years of security support).

Moreover, Samsung provides this not only for the Galaxy A54, but also for the cheaper Galaxy A34 and A24 models, which is definitely commendable.

Samsung Galaxy A24 phone

Even the Galaxy A24 gets more updates than the Pixel 7a

The Pixel 7a launched with Android 13, which means support is expected to end with Android 16. New Galaxy A phones also debuted with Android 13, but there’s a good chance they also received Android 17.

It should be noted that the three major version updates are already excellent, moreover, the fact that the phone no longer receives more Android systems means that it can be used for a long time. On the other hand, what Samsung is doing with updates is certainly exemplary, we are confident that they can deliver on their promises and that the software they release for future phones will be stable.

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