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In March, we can test the new Diablo in two parts.

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A few days ago, Blizzard published a Diablo IV Device requirements for the soon-to-be beta (It’s also available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but you don’t have to worry about it)And it revealed what eager testers can expect. The exams will take place over two weeks, the first Between March 17th and 19th. This first time is early access, so only those who pre-order the game will be able to participate. The second will be open, so that everyone can participate, a week after the first, Between 24 and 26 March will be held. Unfortunately, we won’t have access to the full game, let’s see what we can expect in the upcoming betas.

As I mentioned, the second weekend is open to everyone, including pre-orders. So this also serves as a little teaser for those who are already looking forward to the fourth part of the series.

Where will it happen?

The Sanctuary area that will be unlocked for beta testers will be Broken Peaks. This region is located in the far east, near the dry plains. According to the accounts, the people of the mountainous region do not dare to go out at night because of the cold and strong demonic activity. Unfortunately, we can’t tour outside of this area, but the intro and first act happen there, and we can get them out.

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What can we play?

Three chapters will be available in the first weekend: a a fraudthe barbaric And sorcerer. During the open beta, he will join them necromancer and the priest. Players can use each character as much as they want, but they will be limited to level 25. After leveling up, you will still be able to play with them, but you will not be able to gain experience. This is why Blizzard recommends creating a new character after a level cap. It would be possible to create 10 in total, but don’t fall in love with them too much, They are deleted at the end of the tests and cannot be carried over to the final game. So we will completely lose our progress, but we can now try whichever category we like best. Of course, this won’t be true between weekends, so pre-order applicants won’t have to start testing from scratch on March 24th. However, there will be content that we can take further: You can get exclusive rewards when you reach certain stages. The first is the initial character title, which you can win if you reach Kyovashad with at least one of your characters. The Early Voyager title and the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item will be awarded to those who reach at least level 20 with any of their builds.

Is multiplayer available?

Like D3 and Diablo II: Resurrected, D4 retains its co-op multiplayer mode. Both couch co-op mode and online mode are available in beta, with some conditions. If we do a couch co-op over the Early Access weekend, only one player will need to pre-order the game. The other just needs a profile. All users must be connected to a valid BN account when playing on consoles. For the four-player online co-op, everyone in the party must have access to the beta, which means that with one exception, only players with a pre-order can participate in the previous test period. Those who have already started a couch co-op game can join groups of four where there is room for two players, regardless of whether or not the fourth player has early access.

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The full release of Diablo IV is expected on June 6th. Early access begins June 2 for those who pre-ordered the Ultimate or Digital Deluxe editions.

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