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Ryo Rocket would prevent a title defense
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Ryo Rocket would prevent a title defense

True to tradition, this year we can cheer for the Debrecen Dirt Bike Grand Prix: The 48th Invitational Competition can be watched on Sunday, August 20, from 4pm at Pál Perényi Dirt Motor Stadium.

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The association organizing the competition, SpeedWolf Debrecen, is official on his Facebook page He advertised the field, which – as in previous years – consisted of top-ranking iron cobblers at the international level. In the starting list, 16 slag throwers from 11 countries – Australia, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary – will compare their skills. Based on the organization system, after the traditional 20-race regular season, the first-place finisher will qualify directly to the final, while the next eight drivers will compete in a semi-final. The top two finishers from each of the semi-finals advance to the final, where the top five cobblers battle it out for a Hollóházi ceramic vase for the winner of the Debrecen Grand Prix.

Niels Christian Iversen
Source: Norbert Borus Archives

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Last year’s Grand Prix winner Nils Christian Iversen will start the competition on Sunday. The Danish five-time GP winner and four-time world champion has already visited town this year, when he finished fourth in SEC qualifying. It is interesting that in the history of the Debrecen Grand Prix there has not been a double for more than a decade, the last time Joseph Tabaka managed to stand on top of the podium as the defending champion was in 2011.
Depending on the chances, Iversen can be pushed off the throne of Debrecen by several people. One of the favorites is Antonio Lindbäck, otherwise known as Rio Raqueta. The classic Swede won the Grand Prix three times and became the world champion twice. The genius, who has retired several times in the past, is thriving this year, and it was no coincidence that he was a member of the three-time-capped team that participated in the World Cup in Poland. Vadym Tarasenko, born in Russia but already with Polish citizenship, who made his mark in this year’s PGE Ekstraliga as a member of Grudziądz’s squad, will come to Gázvezidő utca as a prospect. The crowd in Haidausaj can welcome Timo Lahti as a familiar face, as the Finland captain finished third last year in the August 20 competition. He finished fourth last year, but this year Poland’s Jakub Jamrog is aiming for a better place, and he has a special mark: he’s the record holder in Debrecen.
The crowd favorite will return to the Perényi Pál Salakmotor Stadium on August 20, as a performance by Germany’s Selina Liebmann, Ukrainian Marko Levishin or Slovenian Nick Skorga captivates the huge crowd with applause. Australian talent Fraser Bowes, Danish European doubles champion Jonas Seifert-Salke, Czech SGP2 outstanding Peter Chlopak, Finnish national team Antte Volas and Poland’s Viktor Trofimov can be considered dark horses. The crowd can also support the natural Hungarian rivals, Speed ​​Wolf Debrecen’s slag bellows and Norbert Magosi and Roland Kovac’s attempt to give spectators happy moments.

Anthony Lindback
Source: Szábó Szilvia Archive

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Before the competition, the grand prize is expected with different programs, after the gates open at 1:30 pm, there will be an autograph autograph session for the contestants, and just before the competition, there will be a surprise race for the live. Legends, Zoltan Adorjan and Sandor Tihany.

Start menu:
1 – Selina Liebmann (Germany)
2 – Norbert Magosi (Hungary)
3 – Antonio Lindbäck (Sweden)
4 – Jakub Valkovic (Slovakia)
5 – Vadim Tarasenko (Poland)
6 – Roland Kovacs (Hungary)
7 – Ante Volas (Finland)
8 – Peter Schlopak (Czech Republic)
9 – Timo Lahti (Finland)
10 – Victor Trofimov (Poland)
11 – Marko Levishin (Ukraine)
12 – Fraser Bowes (Australia)
13 – Nils Christian Iversen (Denmark)
14 – Nick Skorja (Slovenia)
15 – Jakub Gamrog (Poland)
16 – Jonas Seifert – Salk (Denmark)
17 – Richard Fuzesi (Hungary)

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