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Rita Erdos and Mark Manu Jorca started the new season well

Rita Erdos and Mark Manu Jorca started the new season well

The two promising budding contenders, Rita Erdos and Mark Manu Jyorka, began one relay in the last of the five-pound World Cup adults.

The finals of the quintet World Cup last weekend in Budapest were twelfth singles Goulash Michel He also had a young Hungarian participant. He is 18 years old Rita Erdos And 20 years old Gyorka Mark Manu He finished sixth in mixed relay fights.


Rita Erdos and Marc Manu Jyorka also performed well in the Senior World Cup Photo: Buza Flower / MÖSZ

“This race was a big step for me as I had never attended the Adult World Cup before Says Manu, who represents KSI’s colors at club level. – I was surprised when Federal Captain Janus Martinique told me that he would vote for me confidently, but I was very happy with the opportunity. He definitely contributed to his decision that I did well in the previous race. Everything went well now. We were less into dueling than in one-on-one fights, but we weren’t doing badly. And I never changed the ride. We also did some smiley bucks, but I enjoyed racing the whole way, and sixth place is definitely good. “

With previous good performance, Manu means the bronze medal for the Hungarian Championship inside the Indoor Hall. According to the bronze medalist at the U-19 World Cup, everything went according to plan in that match, and his team had a fortune, too. But Rita, the European U-19 champion who promoted Tryon, started the year as well. He also finished in an international competition called Peridot (who was also an indoor adult) then took the podium among adults at the Poland International Open and won the junior field.

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“I was happy with the World Cup opportunity, the competition was a great experience. It was strange that the duel had barely started and ended already, and each number was shorter than the individual, but it is good if you fight for a common goal with your partner. Sixth place is also good, though. That I still have some sense of imperfection in all the numbers. There is still room for improvement, but based on past races, I can say that I am on the right track. “

The Junior Championships are also scheduled to host the European and World Championships. The primary goal of both young men is to join the team in the upcoming national teams. Based on their recent performance, they both have a good chance of advancing.

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