Resident Evil 9 is said to be already under preparation and its release is not far off

Resident Evil 9 is said to be already under preparation and its release is not far off

Fans of Resident Evil can be very happy these days, with high-quality Resi games ahead, of course, with new releases and Resident Evil 7, which fans share a bit. In May, we got the official sequel to the series i.e. Part 8, The Village, according to some sources, a new version of Resident Evil 4 and Part 3 of Resident Evil Revelations were also released with the subtitle Outrage. And recently, we got unofficial information that we don’t have to wait long for Resident Evil 9 anymore.

Resis specializes in leaks Dusk golem, Who also shared details about Outrage, recently announced that Resident Evil 9 is already manufactured under the ranks of Capcom. leakage According to his information As with the aforementioned mods, Village and Outrage, the developers were already working on RE 9 at the end of 2018, although that doesn’t mean we got the latter in 1-2 years. However, according to Dusk Golem, the 2024 premiere has become a reality. So its appearance is not seriously distant, and 2024 will be realistic, as we had to wait 4 years for the village after Resident Evil 7, which debuted in 2017. So, if Resi was developed in recent years or was running in parallel, it would likely be that We’ve been playing Episode 9 in less than 3 years.

If we remember, a longer list was leaked last November that included upcoming Capcom game titles. Although there is no Resident Evil 9 among them, there is Resident Evil Hank next to it that the fourth quarter of fiscal 2024 can be read – this is the beginning of 2024 according to the calendar year. So maybe Part 9 contains Hank’s codename / title?

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In any case, Resident Evil Village will also arrive on May 7 for PCs, PS5s, Xbox Series X / Ss, and previous-generation consoles. You can read about a related PS5 demo called Maiden here.

The pictures used in the article are, of course, only “illustrations” from the village and not from Resi 9!

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