Remember: Successful English MTK Coach Gets a Rest

Remember: Successful English MTK Coach Gets a Rest

He’s won three championship titles with MTK, according to other internet sources, and was also noted by the Golden Team after his 6:3 success against the English, yet Jimmy Hogan has been in an unmarked grave so far.

Jimmy Hogan has greatly increased the character and rise of our football


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Few people may know, but one of the leading coaches on the Hungarian frontline is Jimmy Hogan, an Englishman of Irish descent, who was the first consecutive coach with MTK three times.

The coach did not receive the respect he deserved in his homeland, perhaps precisely because his ideas about playing style and training were in stark contrast to the English way of playing at the time, he was the flag bearer of the short pass, therefore – he is called the Scottish style and attaches great importance to the ball. As a coach, he has also appeared at Fulham and Aston Villas, but has had success on the continent. In addition to Hungary, he had a huge impact on football there in many countries, and on famous coaches such as Helmut Schön, who led the FRG team to the world title.

Jimmy Hogan lived in Burnley towards the end of his coaching career, and died there in 1974 at the age of ninety-one, but lay in an unmarked grave for a long time. However, the members of the Turf Moor Memorial Garden Committee, in conjunction with the City Council, recently discovered their exact resting place and then began to gather – joined by MTK and the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association – to give the former coach a good burial. The official opening of the tombstone and memorial plaque will take place at Burnley Stadium in the Premier League on Friday 8 October.

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There are still a lot of people who haven’t heard of Jimmy Hogan and what he did for football – said the event organizer Peter Briggson the Memorial Committee website. – On the other hand, this small gesture is a tribute to his efforts and can spread his story to more people.”

Our paper reports of the event with an on-site report.

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