Réka Pupp finished second in the Grand Slam of Chess Tournament in Paris

Réka Pupp won a silver medal Grand Slam Chess Tournament in ParisOn Saturday, medals were awarded in seven weight groups. The top performers were the local competitors who finished first and second. In addition to two French winners, an Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Israeli, Georgian and Kosovo player won gold medals.

In the women’s 48 kg category, the winner was France’s Blandine Bont, who defeated Serbia’s Milica Nikolic in the final. The men also started with the smallest weight group. In the under-60 kilogram weight class, Balbay Agayev of Azerbaijan outlasted Cédric Rivault of France in the final.

Réka Pupp came second in the women’s 52-kilogram category. The Hungarian challenger was defeated by Olympic champion Dystrja Krasniqi in the final. The Kosovar judoka scored the win with a great hook from the outside. In the men’s 66 kg final, Ukrainian Bogdan Yadov beat his Mongolian rival, Batogtuk Erkhambayar, with another leg.

France’s second gold medal was won by Priscilla Gentoux on Saturday, winning the women’s 57kg group, beating out former world champion Jessica Klimkaite of Canada in the final. Lhasa Savdatoasvili was the best in the men’s 73 kg category. The Georgian juggler defeated Brazilian Daniel Kargnine in the final. And in the women’s 63 kg weight category, the gold medal was hung around the neck of the Israeli Gili Schreir.

It was also a special day for the kids who met one of the biggest stars of French judo, Clarice Agpegno. The Grand Slam chess tournament continues in Paris on Sunday.

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