Free antigen tests are done on teachers by the Generali Foundation

Free antigen tests are done on teachers by the Generali Foundation

The foundation had already announced a tender last year, which was of great significance: from June to the end of the year, nearly seventy filter buses equipped with modern diagnostic tools went to children’s homes and educational institutions, with more than 2,500 teachers knowing whether or not I got infected.

Tested for free by Generali. Photo: Depositphotos

“We did a practical tour of the country during the year with two screening buses, where we could help the work of already busy teachers working in education by providing the possibility of rapid local screening in as many institutions as possible. Demand for exams increased rapidly from midsummer and peaked in late autumn. We have registered a total of 60 positive test results in Budapest and the countryside. “ – Summarized last year Olt Boglárka, an expert at Generali Security Corporation.

The free test is open to all public educational institutions in the country where no less than forty teachers apply simultaneously, but several member institutions can apply together, with a maximum of one hundred.

When assessing applications, the institution takes into account the number of children and teachers, the epidemiological district in which the institution is located, and the epidemiological history of the kindergarten or school.

This year, the foundation replaced its rapid antibody tests that were used last year with antigen tests, which can detect the virus at a more infectious early stage, making it more effective in preventing transmission of the virus. The test will be performed again by trained health department assistants.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes per person, during which a sample of the nasal mucosa is taken after matching the data, followed by an evaluation of about a quarter of an hour. If the test result is positive, the subject is informed of what to do next.

Teachers have also been tested by the government in the past, but due to low turnout, this continuity has been disrupted.

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