Reeve Marcel received an Emmy for his work on Euphoria

Reeve Marcel received an Emmy for his work on Euphoria

The Artistic Emmy Awards were handed out over the weekend, of which Rév Marcell won the category “Outstanding Cinematography in One-Camera Series (1 hour)” for his work on the Eufória series. The Hungarian cinematographer was already nominated last year for one episode of the HBO series (Trouble Don’t Last Always), and this year for another part of the series, The Theater And Its Double, thus winning the award.

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Saturday and Sunday were held the Creative Emmy Awards, which are awarded for outstanding artistic and technical achievement in various genres of television, guest appearances in weekly series, and outstanding work in the categories of animation, reality and documentaries.

At the inaugural ceremony, Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: The Documentary Series Get Back, Adele’s variety show One Night Only and Pepsi’s Super Bowl LVI halftime show won, so Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Adele and Eminem also received their first Emmy Award. As mentioned, former US President Barack Obama also received an Emmy for his narrative of the documentary series Our Great National Parks.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards will take place on September 12th.

We posted a selection of Marcel’s countryside photos on Telex in the spring, at which time he said he doesn’t consider himself a photographer. He believes that photography is an art and that cinematography is more than just a craft. In our compilation, we also wrote that the second season of Eufória revolved around real analog stuff, and not just anything, the legendary Kodak Ektachrom, which was running out. However, the selection of raw materials reminiscent of the classic era was not intended to evoke nostalgia, rather the creators’ intent was to evoke the arts and memories in a much deeper and multifaceted way, as well as great moments in filmmaking.

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