Re-Warehouse - Fabric Warehouse 2.0

Re-Warehouse – Fabric Warehouse 2.0

Art fabric warehouse by Fearon Hay Architects.

The Architects Veyron Hai The studio was founded in 1998 in Auckland, New Zealand Tim Hay And the Jeff Veron, but since 2018 they can also flaunt an office in Los Angeles. Initially designed in the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, the residential properties were able to create a sense of calm, a haven away from it all. The Fabric Warehouse 2.0 Their work is called the technical transformation of a commercial building.

Recycling projects often require creative redesign and contemporary architectural intervention, in this case the studio has been skillfully integrated into the existing architectural formula – the old working warehouse.

This downtown Auckland property has created clean, independent spaces. The client requested an open office on the upper floor, with close connection to the storage room below, where a rigorous functional activity takes place: tissue grading and receiving. The two are linked by bold installation-like solutions, and the office space is connected to the warehouse with a gallery. The gallery is bordered by an industrial-looking metal baffle, and the staircase railing leading down from there continues in the same material.

The architects deliberately designed the facade so as not to immediately reveal the function of the building. We’d rather guess a contemporary gallery than a warehouse. True, in addition to business, the owner’s artworks gained space in the spacious space. This time, Fearon Hay Studio has also been able to draw on its experience with previous projects that required special solutions: the entire building is self-sufficient, with its own rainwater catchment and solar panels.

Fearon Hay Architects has acquired Fabric Warehouse 2.0 from the Institute of Designers in New Zealand best design Outlay.

The perfection of the interface lies in its simplicity. The proportions of the office interior design allow to use the entire space of the gallery. It’s completely different from everything we’ve seen lately – a unique and perfect solution,” they wrote in the review.

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