Protests erupted in Minneapolis after police shot a young black man

On Sunday, twenty-year-old Don Wright was arrested by police for a traffic violation. The police said in a statement that the man was under an arrest warrant, and they tried to arrest him, but the man returned in his car and tried to escape. According to the advertisement, a policeman shot the car at the time, while Wright managed to drive it away, but after a few blocks he got into another car and died. There was also a woman sitting next to him in the car, who was more easily injured by the bullet.

Wright’s mother said her son called him during testimony over the car insurance details, then he heard a stampede on the phone and the call was dropped. When he called his son again, Wright’s friend already picked up the phone, and said that Wright was shot and was lying lifeless next to him.

After the accident, hundreds of people began protesting in front of the police station building in the Brooklyn Center on Sunday evening. The crowd initially chanted Donut Wright, lit a candle and wrote it with chalk on the sidewalk, then threw a few rocks at a police car, to which the police responded by dispersing them with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters.

Protesters in the Brooklyn Center area in Minneapolis on April 11, 2021Photo: Stephen Maturin / Getty Images via AFP

Then Mike Elliott, Mayor of the Brooklyn Center, announced a curfew until 6 a.m. and told everyone to go home.

Daunte Wright is shot a few miles from where he died in a police operation in 2020 George Floyd. (BBC)


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