Poland buys 800 Hellfire missiles from the United States

According to the US Defense Agency, this helps the Poles in countering domestic threats.

Poland is buying 800 Hellfire missiles, the giant military purchase announced by the Polish Minister of National Defense in the past few days, after the US State Department also gave its approval.

Marius Puschatak She wrote on her official Twitter page that the missiles will be installed on Polish AW149 support helicopters.

The purchase of AGM-114R2 Hellfire air-to-surface missiles will cost the Poles $150 million, more than HUF 50 billion.

the Defense According to his latest article, in addition to weapons, the United States supplies Poland with related parts, repairs, and logistics. Poland also receives technical assistance from the US military.

The main contractor will be Lockheed Martin.

The military magazine reported that the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) said the sale would support Poland’s efforts to build a modern army to counter regional threats. At the same time, the defense materials to be delivered are expected to enhance the defense cooperation of the United States, Poland and allies.

This proposed sale supports US foreign policy and national security goals by enhancing the security of our NATO ally, which is a force for political stability and economic development in Europe.

– wrote DSCA in its announcement regarding the missile deal.

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