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The world of dice, a vampire bloodbath and a scandal game in this month’s show.

03/02/2023 22:19 | Gehrig | Category: Console – Sony

the Sony Not just any games he picked PlayStation Plus March subscribers. We’re used to receiving great games as gifts month after month, sometimes with titles that are barely a few years old. The situation is similar this time around, but there is definitely an interesting choice among this month’s games.

Subscribers will receive Code Vein as a gift for PlayStation 4. It will also be available for free on PlayStation 4. Minecraft Dungeons. And what about the (also) free game available for PlayStation 5? Well, it’s only Battlefield 2042 in March.

The game that may have caused the biggest scandal of 2021, but certainly caused its biggest disappointment. If you’re right about the no-risk purchase, but curious why there’s such a hype around it, this is a great opportunity to check it out for free and no risk. The games will go free on March 7, and until then there’s still time for the February gift bag. ■

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