Pecs - an ancient city with a rich history

Pecs – an ancient city with a rich history

Spend mornings at museums and afternoons at cutting edge architecture? Pecs is full of Balkan-influenced art, culture, and food, so spending a weekend in this wonderful city will move your mind and taste buds.


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Overview and history

The city is the perfect embodiment of diversity. In 1998, he was awarded the UNESCO Peace Prize in Cities for promoting cultural harmony and tolerance of refugees during the Yugoslav wars. In 2010, it also won the title of European Capital of Culture, after which the city began a major renovation.

  1. Lajos Nagy also founded Hungary’s first university in this city, which gives Pécs its distinctive and bustling atmosphere.

Szechenyi . Square

In this square stands the Pasha Gazi Kasim Mosque, a building that survived the city since 150 years of Ottoman rule. Its exterior is beautiful, and if one is particularly enthusiastic about buildings of this style, it is also possible to enter it.


If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, you must take a trip to the Mecsek Mountains to soak up some fresh air. This mountain range consists of a series of plateaus and is home to many plant species unique to the region. It offers beautiful views and scenic surroundings, making it a relaxing place to spend a great afternoon.

However, before embarking on this tour, make sure you know what it looks like The weather in Pecs tomorrow – Especially in spring and autumn, when these periods are unpredictable.

Zsolnay . Museum

One of the things that comes to mind when hearing Pécs is Zsolnay Porcelain. A unique Yusin glaze process and pyrogranite ceramics are used to create a mystical-looking porcelain.

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These ceramics were very popular with Art Nouveau artists and can be seen in many major buildings in Budapest, including the Parliament, Matthias Church and the Museum of Applied Arts. Zsolnay remains on the cutting edge of design to this day, and their work was recently featured in a Gucci campaign and partnership with Sugarbird.

Where do you eat?

First, we would probably recommend Balkan Bistro, which has really tasty food, especially if we are a meat lover. Although anyone else on our list can find a delicacy to their liking. This place serves exactly what its name suggests: traditional Balkan-style food.

Then let’s continue the line with the Tüke Wine House, whose outdoor seating overlooks a vineyard, so a summer meal makes for a relaxing and sweet experience. Their menu includes Hungarian and Balkan cuisine, as well as delicious types of meat.

Finally, we have to mention the cool and trendy café called Pécs Coffee, where you can find the latest dishes, including matcha latte, lemonade espresso, and various vegetarian options. With its cozy interior, it can be the perfect place to unwind after a morning at the museums.


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