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Parish – the foundations of Rady College were laid

Parish - the foundations of Rady College were laid

We were accompanied by the Presidency of Donamellik Parish Reformation on a tour of the building on Rady Street and we were introduced to what the old building would be like new.

The foundation is being prepared for the new building of Ráday College, and interior renovations are taking place in the old wing of the Ráday Street Residence of Dunamellék Parish Reformed. On the second round of the building in March 2021, we were accompanied by the newly elected presidency of the Donamellik Reformed Church District.

“After the constant reinforcement, we demolished all parts of the building in the old wing that would not have been used during the internal rebuilding.” Chief designer Zoltán Berzsák explained, “We have already demolished the barriers, concrete pouring of the lower floors and the construction of new interior partitions.”

The house, which was exposed to fire two years ago, was demolished, and then foundations were laid and the foundations of neighboring buildings reinforced in the surrounding areas. The expert explained that the basement floor slabs are now being reinforced, and the garage, steel storage and mechanical elements will be located here.

During the renovation work, ancient frescoes, beams and a passage were also excavated.
The complex was originally built as a barracks in 1750, then converted into a hospital and then functioned as a tobacco factory between 1850 and 1911. From 1912, the building housed the Reformed Theological Training in Budapest, the Ráday Collection and the Episcopal Office. So the building was rebuilt several times, and since plans for 1910 were still available, we expected these elements to appear. In addition to the numerous renovations, it was also built to the present levels, for example, the three entrance doors that open from Ráday Street, through which one can approach the building, did not exist for a long time, and it was previously possible to enter the building through the corridor .

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According to Csaba Dömötör, Vice President of Production at Laterex Zrt. , In charge of general construction, can also start professional business in a few days: mechanical engineering and basic electrical equipment.
Currently, there are about 80 people working on the site, but this number will continue to grow and the number of people here per day will reach 150-180 soon. We want to finish construction of the new dormitory wing by the end of July. Since we are moving at the same pace of contracting with us, we have all hope for that, ”he said. Give us the plans. During the weekly collaboration, the details of everything are discussed regularly. Next year, the theological training, the college, the episcopal office and the Ráday Collection will also be able to return to the building complex that is It has been revamped and has been aggressively modernized.

During the tour, Sándor Veres, the chief caretaker of the Danube, recalled how the fire spread in this part of the building on January 23, 2019.
“It feels strange to pass through the areas that were damaged at the time, and now they are waiting for new rooms to be built in them,” he shared his impressions.

Despite all the previous sadness, it gives great hope that the building is now heading towards renovation. After a long period of planning and preparation, I am delighted to see a fresh start and a promise that life will return to 28 Ráday Street. “

The tour also evoked old memories of the Bishop of Zoltan Balogh in the Danube.
He narrated, “I also entered this gate as a theology student at that time, and now I feel a special feeling to learn about the ancient spaces in which we studied and where the smell of ancient books surrounded us in the Theology Library.”

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“Now we not only see the relics, we also see that they will be new from all ancient times, as our ancestors learned, prayed, feared, and hoped. I remembered the clergy who championed the revolution in 1956, as well as how long Laszlo Ravach lived here with his family. There. A past and a future in everything that happens here. It is good to see this together, because in the life of a Christian the triad of past, present and future belongs together. “

“ As we previously talked about how much brighter spaces are in the renovated building, it also occurred to me that this could give new meaning to the biblical motto of our suite: Let the light cross there!he added. “I am sure that this place will also be home to the light that makes us all alive: the light of Christ!”

Photos: Tamás Füle

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