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Paint is trying to catch up with its competitors with another practical function

Paint is trying to catch up with its competitors with another practical function

In the future, using Microsoft’s photo editor, we can remove the background of photos with one click.

Paint, the once simple photo editor, is increasingly functional, so it’s gradually climbing the list of more complex, complicated and sometimes more expensive photo editors. The program built into Windows, older than Solitaire, has repeatedly proven in recent years that it is capable of renewing itself, even in a way that makes it envy the innovations of other similar programs, integrating the most important ones one after another.

After the innovations that came with Windows 11, the recently made dark mode will soon be followed by the software’s AI support, as promised.

Anyone who has used Paint in their work knows that it does not require any serious knowledge, it is easy to learn, and if you do not need to carry out the most professional photo editing tasks, it is one of the best solutions. However, there may be a challenge that the nearly 40-year-old program cannot handle.

If for some reason an image had to be removed during the editing process, until now we either had to buy a copy of Canva hidden behind a paywall for a good sum of money, or we had to sign up for Adobe Express. For this reason, it is gratifying that the background separation functionality in Paint is already being tested at Microsoft, and has been made available to testers in the Windows Insider Program on the Canary and Dev channels (version 11.2306.30.0).

After scanning the image, the function separates the background with one click using the button on the left side of the toolbar. The program automatically recognizes the background and executes the specified command. If you have a problem with the automatically selected theme, you can manually set which parts of the background you want to separate.

Through its continuous development, Redmond tech is able to convince many people that Paint is a good choice for editing their photos. By the way, Microsoft still wants to integrate more innovations: for example, the text and image generator is being tested.

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