Lelepleződhetett a Starfield gyűjtői kiadásának egyik darabja bevezetőkép

One piece of Starfield Collector’s Edition may have been revealed

Anyone who loves a real Pip-Boy would probably love this one, too.

Bethesda Game Studios will have to shine brightly to restore player confidence after Fallout 76, but with one of the most ambitious projects in the company’s history, Starfield, the team has every chance to do so. Although the project is based on the old Bethesda RPG line in many ways, it does so There will be big changes Also, for example, a completely realistic environment. Previously, the game was described as a Han Solo simulation where we can explore the entire galaxy and do fun things, as well as double dialogue We can count as in Skyrim.

It seems that Bethesda also wants to please collectors, such as Starfield subreddit A post showing images from an unknown smartwatch titled Starfield. The uploader said that the device also has a user manual that allows the watch to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, and most interestingly, it also states that the product is manufactured by Wand.

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That UK-based company has been designing a number of props in the past, including working on Pip-Boys that were packaged in some Fallout 4 releases. The watch also shows weather and humidity.

However, for eye-catching gamers, the look may not be new, as it appeared in a previous Starfield behind-the-scenes video in June 2021, which means that, like Pip-Boy, the device can play an important role in a game, and not just a collector’s decoration. (In the video below, it’s worth watching from 1:30.)

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Starfield is currently scheduled to arrive on November 11, 2022, being an Xbox title exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X consoles | S, and the launch of Game Pass will extend the start date.

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