One eye is crying, and the other is the name of a Nyregyhaza swordsman

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István Tarjányi also made the date as early as Wednesday as Tokyo time. There was a selection from the NYC wheelchair and sword section at 9 a.m. in Hall B at the Makuhari Event Center. István Pákey’s student starts the Paralympic Games in two tracks, the first being the sword. The match went well as Stephen beat Brazilian Vanderson Luis Chaves 5-1.

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Then he was driven out by the Russian Alexander Corzin 5:3, followed by two more victories. First against the French Maxime Valet (5:3) and then against the Canadian Pierre Mainville (5:4). He closed the ring with a defeat, and Grzegorz Pluta of Poland won 5:3 against the Hungarian competitor.

The Hungarian contender was the winner of the eighth final, after a short break came the quarter-final against another Polish. Unfortunately, István wasn’t so lucky against Adrian Castro either, because the Pole won in a ratio of 15:4, which the Hungarian rider said goodbye to.

I knew it was pretty strong, I was expecting it, but lately I fancied a tighter one.

– I’m sorry, that’s how it turned out. Next time I’ll be more worried. The last time I fought with him at the Eiger I did the exact opposite of the tactics there now, that came at first, but unfortunately after that he also switched, and I couldn’t really find the antidote. My goal has been successful since I planned to get out of the Paralympics ten years ago and I’m here now. Compared to my debut now, I think it’s a good result.

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One of my eyes is crying and the other is laughing. My goal was to get on the podium, even if I was struggling, because of that I am a little disappointed, but also happy – said Estevan Tarjani.

– One has to be nailed, the paper model is made by István – Béla Pákey began to evaluate the performance of his pupil. – In his group, he defeated the one he had to defeat and took away from him what could be. He reached the quarter-finals as a highlight and reached Poland’s Castro. He’s a really full-fledged routine swordsman, and Istvan couldn’t defeat him yet, as he was also a podium in Rio. The feat did not work, the paper form prevailed, he could get out of it.

was lucky

– On the other hand, he wasn’t so lucky to reach the quarter-finals as sixth, unfortunately the first and second place players were taken off the board to beat all four, so they were included in the 5-8. placed in the beginning. With this, Istvan slipped from six to eight and closed here. But let’s look at it positively, he fell off the first Paralympic day of his life, won three games, brought the paper form, and nothing bad can be said about her. The swordsman can come – so Bella Baki.

This race started at 2 p.m. on Thursday home time.


Hungarian results


Wheelchair fence. custom sword. Category: 1. Li Hao (China), 7. Richard Asvath. Category B: 1. Feng Jen-ko (China), 8. István Tarjányi.

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Paracyclic. B1. Chase 4,000m: 1 Tristan Pangma (Netherlands)… 10. Robert Oselka (Assistant: Gergeli Nagy)


Wheelchair fence. custom sword. category. 1. Ben King (China) 4. Eva Hajemassi, 9. Ferris Amarella. Class B. 1. Tan Su-mej (China), 6. Field Buttercup.

swimming. at a speed of 400 m. 1. Lekisha Patterson (Australia), 2. Konkoli Zofia,… 14. Motivation Kata. 100 meters back. S2. 1. Jip Pin-hsuu (Singapore), 7. Zsanett Adam

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