Once again Dénes Dibusz’s mistake cost Freddie dearly

In the 28th minute, Spandler’s pass was hit hard by Debusse, right in front of Komarumi, who cleverly smashed the ball between two defenders into the net – 0-1.

In the 38th minute, Jonathan Levy scored a free kick from the right. Favrovov won a header over Knoster which Debusse watched in bewilderment, as Poljić headed the ball in front of the goal from the line – 0-2.

Dibusz was certainly involved in the first goal, and he can’t be held responsible for the second, though he didn’t read the scene as we often see it. In Leverkusen, Dibusz was not in peak position even before the first goal. He clearly has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, but now he must be particularly able to handle the pressure, having to stand up not only in the FTC, but also in the national team due to Peter Gulacsi’s injury at the end of the month.

Cherchesov decided to make a double substitution during the break, Vécsei a Qualification of AuzquiTraore replaced Peter Barth from Debrecen in the winter. Frade didn’t really have much of a chance, the defending champions had one in the 57th minute. After a rough tackle, Puljic received his second yellow card, along with a red one. Cherchesov suddenly changed two more – Sigér and Frederiksen were replaced by Marquinhos and Ryan Mmaee – and eventually Sagal, another winter addition, replaced Gojak in fifth, but that didn’t help either.

Ferencváros’ game lacked momentum, tenacity and precision, so the man advantage didn’t bring much of an edge either. Moreover, Puskás Academy had ample opportunities from counter-attacks.

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In the sixth minute of extra time, Butka scored from close range due to a mistake by goalkeeper Markic, then Favrovov was sent off for kicking, but this does not change the essence, the Puskas Academy won 2-1 as a guest in the Groupama Arena, and we cannot say that it was undeserved.

Hopefully, Frady will pull himself together for Thursday. In any case, Leverkusen does not feel comfortable, winning the Bundesliga on Sunday 3-2 as a guest of Werder Bremen.

Note: Twenty-third round:
Kisvárda Master Good – Debreceni VSC 0-1, goal: Babunski (48.)
Paksi FC – Mol Fehérvár FC 2-1, goal: Varga (29, 56 – penalty), or Jamil (45 + 1.)
Budapest Honvéd – ZTE 1-0, goal: Kocsis (40).

Kecskemét – Vasas 2-0 (0-0), Kecskemét, Széktó Stadium, 3,223 spectators, v: Farkas Á. Scorers: B. Tóth (59), Banó-Szabó (84).
Újpest FC – Mezőkövesd 1-0 (1-0), Szusza Ferenc Stadium, 2,547 spectators, v: Andó-Szabó. Top scorer: Modrinski (10th). Submitted by: Lehoczky (74.)
Ferencváros – Puskás Academy 1-2 (0-2), Groupama Arena, 7051 spectators against Pintér. Scorers: Butka (96th place), Komarumi (28th place), Buljic (38th place). Shown: Buljic (57th place), Favrovov (96th place) – both Puskas Academy

Cover photo: Dénes Dibusz shakes his head. He wasn’t on top of the situation either (Photo: Nemzeti Sport/Miklós Szabó)

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