On September 24th, new Netflix releases will be revealed

On September 24th, new Netflix releases will be revealed

The Netflix virtual event has many surprises in store for fans this year as well. In addition to various news and announcements, we will be able to see interviews with the biggest stars and creators of Netflix, and we will also take a look at the upcoming Netflix series. The free virtual event that was held last year in 184 countries around the world Reached over 25 million fans on NetflixThis year, it will also feature more than 120 series, movies, specials and games on Netflix, and more than 200 talents on Netflix.

All day party

Netflix is ​​planning five events on four continents. On September 24, 04:00 Hungarian time, the tasters will arrive from Korea and then at 7:30 AM the expected contents of the Indian region. We continue with a two-part show at 19:00: the first part of the United States and Europe, and the second part of Latin America at 20:30. Japanese Netflix stars will wrap up the event on September 25th at 6:00.

The global Netflix fan event will be available in 29 different languages On Netflix channels on YouTube worldwide, including the Netflix Hungary YouTube channel. The latest information about the fan event in Tudum.com/event page, where you can read more details about the performers and the program.

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