omicron appeared in another neighboring country

omicron appeared in another neighboring country

Article from the new word according to In Slovakia, a new type of coronavirus identified by the World Health Organization as a concern has so far been identified in three cases.

The three infected individuals came to the country from a country classified as dangerous for the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Omicron sufferers came to Slovakia from South Africa, but the head of the ministry did not specify in detail the participating countries.

All three are in quarantine and those who have been in contact with them have been contacted. 1100 samples are arranged per week, including individuals who are in contact with omicron-infected individuals.

According to the Minister of Health, we cannot talk about community spread at the moment, the situation is under control.

It was also reported that the course of the disease was mild because the infected had previously been vaccinated against the infection. The head of government called the good news that omicron sufferers did not reach the country by public transport but by their own cars. “It is similarly good news that these are fully vaccinated and have mild symptoms.

Based on the information currently available, we can see that the disease course is also mild in individuals who have been vaccinated with the omicron variant.

He added that they will also monitor how the vaccine is tolerated by those who do not receive the disease caused by the new variant.

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