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Olympic champion Sindoor Tutka, silver medalist Tamara Sipes

Olympic champion Sindoor Tutka, silver medalist Tamara Sipes

On Thursday, the finals of four more kayak events were held at the Tokyo Olympics. In the men’s kayak event, Olympic champion Sandor Tutka, Sismadia Kolos, finished fourth in the 200-meter all-around. In the women’s 500 kayak, Tamara Sipes won a silver, Danuta Cusack came in fourth, as were Pence Nadas and Balint Copasz in the men’s kayak doubles.

Unlike the last days, there are more headwinds today, but they are not very strong either. Thomas Bach, the German president of the International Olympic Committee, also visited the competitions.

One men’s bag 200m

Show has started Sandor Totka And drove all the way Olympic Champion, although the Italian competitor was ultimately very sad. Sismadia Colosse Unfortunately it gets stuck in the beginning, and although it shivered quite badly in the end, this is it the fourth Enough space. Between the Hungarians, Italian Manfredi Rizza and British defender Liam Heath finished.

After Christoph Milak, Totka is the second Hungarian to win gold as a youth Olympic champion. However, this is the first Hungarian Olympic gold in the 200-meter distance included in the Five Rings program since 2012 (and it is also the last, as the 200 numbers will not be shown at the Paris Olympics – editor).

“I can’t understand what happened – Tell Sandor Tótka, Újpest TE kayaker for M4 Sport. – I tried to focus on my own race. I’m still looking for the words. The medal didn’t collect in Rio, but life is struggling at the moment, so now it has worked. There is a lot of conscious work behind the gold medal. I also talked a lot with my wife about what could be done to improve my condition.”

1. SÁNDOR TÓTKA 35,035 seconds
2 – Manfredi Rizza (Italy) 080 35
3- Liam Heath (Great Britain) 35202
5- Carlos Arévalo (Spain) 391 35
6- Peter Minning (Sweden) 562 35

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One women’s keno 200m

In the B final this time Bala flower He started better, like Tótka won the race all the way, and he 9. Means a place in the total. Weaver treasure He didn’t start well now, he was just at the end of the field, and he finally got past a couple of riders and overall 14. had become.

The gold medal was won by American Nevin Harrison, ahead of Canadian Lawrence Vincent Lapointe and Lyudmila Lausanne of Ukraine.

1. Nevin Harrison (USA) 45,932 seconds
2- Lawrence Vincent Lapointe (Canada) 46786
3 – Lyudmila Lausanne (Ukraine) 034 47
4 – Dorota Borowska (Poland) 47.116
5 – Anta Yakum (Spain) 47.226
6- Lin Fen Chen (China) 47608

9. Bala Flower


Tamara Cesbes won an Olympic singles medal for the first time (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)

One bags for women 500 meters

A second start was needed. Once again, Lisa Carrington started the best performer and Portuguese Teresa Portela. through the middle of the road Cebes Tamara For the day SecondAnd Cossack Danuta was the fifth. Although Csipes was far from the favorite for New Zealand in the second half of the distance, he could no longer foresee it. Cossack Danuta has improved the venue and the fourth had become. It was preceded by the Danish Emma Jorgensen.

“There is so much work to be done that you cannot believe it – Tell Cebes Tamara Bp. Honvéd is a competitor to the M4 Sport. – This was a huge opportunity for me now because I had finished behind Danuta a few times before. I would have been happy to get third place, but it was…it was a perfect track! I felt like I was close to Carrington, but I didn’t dare go any faster so I wouldn’t get tired at the end.”

1. Lisa Carrington (New Zealand) 1:51.216 min
2. CSIPES TAMARA 1: 51.855
3- Emma Jorgensen (Denmark) 1: 52.773
4. KOZÁK DANUTA 1: 53.414
5. Linnea Stensils (Sweden) 1:53.600
6- Hermine Peters (Belgium) 1: 53.716

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Men’s double bag 1000 meters

Started in the lead penny dass And Balint Copasz, who came fourth at the start and third with a 250. Halfway through, they were second only to the Australians. In the second half of the distance, the Germans and the Czechs opened their long hair, ahead of ours, which came in good vain at the end, and remained in the fourth place.

Didn’t start well in the final Cornell Beck And Adam FargaThey’ve been in the midfield for a really long time, but in the end they had good hair and were fourth in the race overall. 12. They got a place.

1. Australia 3: 15,280 minutes
2. Germany 3: 15.584
3. Czech Republic 3: 16.106
4. Pence Nodas, Pelent Copas 3: 16.535
5- New Zealand 3:17267
6- Spain 3:17327


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