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Obsessed fan teases Berry Peterffy: ‘We even went to the police’

Obsessed fan teases Berry Peterffy: ‘We even went to the police’

Bury Peterfi to Grant meeting with pulsar regarding his new short film, and during the conversation he revealed, among other things, that he himself was not really a fan, unlike the godson in the film.

I wasn’t the kind of fan like the godson in the movie, Csótány – the singer told the newspaper, and then explained that she would be glad if someone was her biggest fan.

“I’m used to being happy with it, but I think whoever entertains the audience on stage is happy with it. I also love my obsessed fans. It amazes me how many people I’ve tattooed, and I think it’s a big thing that happens to me and it doesn’t bother me at all.” – said Bori Péterfy, then shared a creepy fan experience during the conversation.

“I had some really bad experiences, we even went to the police because of one of my fans. It bothered me and my family so much that something had to be done. The police said they couldn’t move as long as nothing happened, which was very scary, but thank God it went away on its own. A letter arrived from the person in which he apologized for his actions and said that he had stopped taking the medication that made him completely out of his mind and that he was fine. It was a very stressful time in my life.” – the singer remembers what happened.

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