Nokia deletes its iconic logo, here’s the new image

The new logo signals a change in strategy. The old one has been in use for nearly sixty years.

Focusing on its strong strategic growth, Nokia surprised itself (and the world) with a new image. Instead of bold old white letters on a blue background, five different, futuristic shapes make up the carrier’s capital letters in its new logo. The exchange, announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, ​​is the first for Nokia in nearly sixty years, he writes. Reuters.

The change of image aims to signal the importance of changing the strategy of the Finnish company.

According to Pekka Lundmark, the leader of the struggling telecom company that will take over in 2020, the change was also necessary because many people identified the previous blue-and-white logo with phones — even though Nokia already offers tech solutions to business customers.

When Lundmark arrived, he outlined his new three-step strategy: Nokia has already passed the first stage of restart, acceleration and expansion steps. While the company is still looking to expand its equipment and service business to telecom companies, its main focus is currently on sales to other companies (such as private 5G networks and automated factory equipment).

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