The New York Times: The story of Hunter Biden's laptop is true

The New York Times: The story of Hunter Biden’s laptop is true

Hunter Biden is under intense investigation, as the son of the current president of the United States may be involved, among other things, in the crime of tax fraud.

Although the famous American newspaper, The New York Times, in October 2020, wondered if Joe Biden had ever met a representative of Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings, the story is true – Writes The New York Post In the wake of

He already wrote in an article for the New York Times on Wednesday that the meeting, which was also mentioned in emails obtained from his laptop cache, likely took place. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, left the infamous laptop at another Delaware repair shop. Her authenticity was later confirmed during an investigation with Hunter.

Hunter Biden is subject to an intense investigation.

The son of the current President of the United States may be involved, among other things, in the crime of tax fraud.

A Yale lawyer claims he’s already paid his tax debts, but that doesn’t stop him even from being sued.

Hunter’s career was closely intertwined with his father’s work

Hunter affairs can be particularly problematic for Joe Biden, as his career is closely tied to that of his father’s vice president. Among other things, he worked as a registered lobbyist, and while his father was vice president, he did research for stores and customers in Asia and Europe, he says. The New York Times.

The portal knows that two ex-employees of Hunter Biden also testified during the investigations that the lawyer received larger sums from a Ukrainian energy company. Investigations under the Obama administration also cover potential violations of criminal law, as well as rules related to foreign pressure and money laundering.

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However, the case is hampered by a number of obstacles, including evidence that Hunter intentionally violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which requires the Department of Justice to be notified of the lobbying.

The Department of Justice has not publicly indicated that it has made a decision on any element of the case, and Hunter Bident has not been charged with any crime.

However, according to the newspaper, it is not even clear whether the investigation is only going against Hunter Biden or if he is just one of those surveyed.

Gateway stresses that President Biden is uncomfortably affected by the long-running issue, both politically and personally.

Developments in the Burisma Holdings case

The In an article in the New York Times, It deals in detail with potential crimes surrounding agreements with Burisma Holdings. Devon Archer, who has worked with Hunter Biden since 2014 over deals with Burisma Holdings, was also questioned in detail during an investigation into cooperation with the Ukrainian company last year.

Archer was convicted last month in a securities fraud case

The portal has been added.

During the investigation, prosecutors investigated emails exchanged between Hunter Biden and Devon Archer about Burisma Holdings and other foreign business activities. The New York Times also obtained these emails from a cache that appears to be from a laptop that Hunter Biden left in a Delaware repair shop.

Among other things, these emails show that Hunter was aware of the FAA order and wanted to get around it, says the New York Times. However, in an email sent in April 2014, Hunter Biden also noted that Burisma officials “should know with certainty that they will not directly interfere in local decision-making and that they must comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)”.

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In another series of emails investigated by prosecutors, in April 2015, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer spoke of inviting foreign business partners, including a Burisma executive, to dinner at a restaurant in Washington, where Vice President Biden would also attend. . It is doubtful whether the CEO of Burisma actually attended this dinner, but it appears that the Vice President was present at the event, read the ATV article.


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