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No more Lyon players want to be accepted by the Scottish government at Rangers

No more Lyon players want to be accepted by the Scottish government at Rangers

According to French reports, the Scottish government has warned Lyon that it will not allow three of its players to enter Scotland before the match against Rangers. The UK has classified every country for Covid infection, and two Brazilians, Lucas Paqueta and Bruno Guimaraes, and Tino Kadewere from Zimbabwe, were in a red country 10 days before they arrived in Scotland.

Paquita (left) and Guimarães travel to Glasgow in danger (Image: AFP)


Last week, due to the World Cup qualifiers, the tournament matches around the world were suspended, but it will continue this weekend, and next week, the main trophy series of the International Cup Series (BL, El, Ekl) will also start.

France’s Lyon, for example, will start playing in the Europa League group stage at home to the Scottish Rangers next Thursday, but there are indications that he will have to leave without three players. The Radio Scoop According to his information, the Scottish government warned Lyon that it would not allow the two Brazilians to enter the match, Lucas Baquet And Bruno Guimristand Zimbabwe Tino Kadewiret.

The reason is simple: the two Brazilians were still interested in the World Cup qualifier against Peru in the Maracana, Rio, on Friday morning, while Zimbabwe had already returned from the national team, but were injured, so further investigations into his case are needed. can be posted.

According to British epidemiological regulations, Brazil and Zimbabwe are also considered red countries, which means that those who come to the UK from these countries or have visited such a country ten days before their arrival must be subject to a ten-day quarantine.

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Obviously, in the case of footballers, this cannot be resolved, which is why the Scottish government could have announced in advance that the three players mentioned would not be allowed into the country.

Lyon, of course, defended himself by saying that they would certainly be in a “bubble” during their stay in Glasgow, but this did not affect the Scots, so the French turned to UEFA for help. By the way, other clubs are also waiting for the International Federation to intervene in the same matter: RB Leipzig, who plays the BL match with Manchester City, and the Mali team in Uganda. Amadou Hydra, home of Leicester City, visits Naples in Colombia David Ospina He received a similar warning from the English government.

RadioScoop notes at the end of his writing that the current situation is that as long as some English clubs have not allowed their players to join the national teams so that they can play in subsequent international cup matches, Lyon, which complies with FIFA regulations, appears to be on the cusp of following the rules.

Incidentally, Ferencvaros must also pay attention to the strict regulations of the British, because the Greens will play a week after the rest of the next team in Glasgow, home of Celtic, on October 19.

During the national team break, which has just ended, he was invited to the national team of his country in the framework of the Greens and Whites. Issa Lidoni (Tunisia) , Frank Polly (Côte d’Ivoire) , Alexander Zubkov (Ukraine), mirto ozoni (Albania), Ryan Mami (Morocco), Eldar Civic And Stepan Lonkar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Miha Blasic (Slovenia) and Robert Mac (Slovakia). Among them, based on their current rating, El Aidouni will be placed in a ten-day quarantine if Ferencvaros plays at Celtic’s home next week.

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In the UK, Georgia (Lhasa Dvale) is currently the red-ranked home of the Franciscan Legion, along with Tunisia, but the situation is constantly changing – recently, on August 30, Thailand and Montenegro were among the countries with a red rating. .

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