New Zealand limits the number of returnees

New Zealand is temporarily restricting reservations on international flights to avoid congestion in quarantine and isolation centers set up due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to MTI.

He said Air New Zealand had already given its agreement to the temporary suspension of reservations. Megan Woods Minister of Housing on Tuesday.

He also said the measures will ensure that sufficient quarantine accommodations and isolation centers are provided for returning New Zealanders.

New Zealand has closed its borders to foreigners since March, allowing only its own citizens. Woods said the pandemic is causing more and more New Zealanders to return home, a number that has increased dramatically recently.

It is our priority to stop the virus at the borders, so everyone needs to be quarantined

he added.

According to official figures, there are currently nearly 6,000 in 28 detention centers. Since March 26, more than 26,400 people have undergone such a procedure.

New Zealand declared the end of the first wave on June 8th. In nearly five million countries, 1,530 people have been identified so far, 22 of whom have died from the disease.

Featured Image: Marty Melville / AFP

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