Netflix's innovation has been very popular with users

Netflix’s innovation has been very popular with users

A new feature has been added to the Netflix interface, which has raised user satisfaction.

The popular service provider allows viewers to resume watching series or movies from where they left off, as the system automatically remembers and then collects a list of started but incomplete content on the home page.

The only problem with this so far has been that those who only watched for a few minutes and then decided not to continue have been included – but Netflix is ​​now coming to an end.

The service provider’s innovation gives everyone the freedom to edit this list, i.e. remove content they don’t want to follow, writes independent.


The feature was first tested on an Android device two years ago, then rolled out in phases, and is now available to any user, regardless of device.

Netflix users have been very fond of innovation, and this was expressed on social media, with one describing the move as “long overdue” accompanied by a “thank you” while others said it was a “halleluji”.

Although the future is uncertain, the end is always near, focus on the positive. Netflix now allows you to remove shows and movies from your Watch More list Someone else wrote.

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