Netflix petition to remove Broken

Netflix petition to remove Broken

A Hashtag and online petition have also been filed regarding M. Night Shyamalan’s 2016 thriller film, Fractured, after several people demanded that the film be removed from a Netflix showing, citing an offensive representation of a disorder called dissociative identity disorder (DID).

a Movieweb He notes that while the film is not available on the streaming service provider in America, more people around the world are supporting the claim to use the hashtag #GetSplitOffNetflix because they believe the film offends DID patients and inaccurately portrays the central mental disorder. The petition Meanwhile, he argues, the film reinforces the stigma created by Hollywood that people diagnosed with DID are more likely to be violent or abuse others. The description of the petition, signed by 1283 on June 24 at 19:06, reads, “Indeed, those with this disorder can become victims rather than perpetrators than in the case of any mental disorder.”

The petition was directed specifically at Netflix by its founders, and they also highlighted that it wasn’t one person or company, but a “community of people with a separatist identity” who started collecting signatures. Neither the streaming service provider nor the film’s major contributors, to our knowledge, have commented on the situation.

One of the heroes of Shattered, played by James McAvoy, has 23 characters, while the twenty-fourth character, the so-called monster, is just waiting for progress. The film was booked by M.Night Shyamalan as a fantastic comeback for most critics, mainly due to Shamamalan’s shy development seen in the cast.

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