Netflix has also acquired Cozy Grove developers

Netflix has also acquired Cozy Grove developers

Netflix, which is also expanding into the field of video games, has set foot on another independent studio. This time they checked out Spry Fox studio, the developers of the formidable Cozy Grove.

The Spry Fox team is no longer independent either, developers Cozy Grove and Alphabears have been sponsored by Netflix Games, which is involved in wholesale shopping. studio On his website According to a published post, the move is great news for them, as they no longer have to worry about finances, they can collaborate with other Netflix creative teams, and they are still free to finish their projects that are currently underway. The latter relates to Cozy Grove 2 and the untitled peaceful MMO.

Although everyone knows the streaming service in terms of movies and series, they have also been offering video games for quite some time with their subscription packages. True, at the moment it is only about mobile titles, but most of the work is interesting, which is excellent material.

With the acquisition of Spry Fox, six internal development teams are now working under the Netflix Games umbrella, including the Finnish studio that the company recently opened on its own. The roster has been enhanced by Boss Fight Entertainment (Dungeon Boss) Netflix: Next Games (Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales), Night School Studio (Oxenfree), and another Southern California Netflix team.

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