Musk satisfied: Is Tesla not expanding further into Berlin?

Musk satisfied: Is Tesla not expanding further into Berlin?

Regarding the construction of the first European factory for Tesla It is a question of whether the company made a mistake in moving the project to Germany. The factory was supposed to be built in a year and a half, but February is the 2nd anniversary of starting work and they are still unable to start production. And then we didn’t even remember the union discussions that could have been briefed beforehand.

According to a recent report, the company decided At the moment, it is not even expanding the German plant.

No drama?

In recent weeks, many observers have noticed that If the German Tesla plant expands as originally planned, cleaning up the area will have to start recently. Although some logging was done along the roadside along the Giga-Berlin border, this is only due to the clearing and alteration of the path and the creation of an access road branching from the motorway. To be installed later However, pine trees are still found in part of the areaBecause of the reptiles and bats that live here It can only be cut within a short period of time, when the animals stop wintering, but the mating season has not yet begun. According to some opinions, if these trees are not cut down now, then The second phase of the project may slip a lotand this may indicate that Tesla decided that Instead, build a larger European factory elsewhere in another countryAnd the German site is not expanding any further. Incidentally, the company promised earlier this year that it would determine where to build its next two plants before the end of this year.

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It is now Automobile New information The above theory appears to have been partially confirmed.

The newspaper knows that Elon Musk has indefinitely postponed the construction of the next phase of Giga Berlin.

Resolution, however It would be too early to explainThat this means a reassessment and downsizing of the Berlin project. The company is supposed to be now He wants to focus on accelerating production as quickly as possible, ending cell plant construction and starting domestic production of the new 4680 aksik. The Press Factory The planned expansion has not been affected by the decision, it is still in progress. The first phase Production capacity as originally planned Up to 500,000 cars per year But the expansion of the press plant and the production pattern in Shanghai also indicate that More cars can be made in the current building. However, based on the example of a Chinese plant, it is worth taking into account that It may take up to a year to reach full capacity.

The outlines of the four identical factory units are still visible in these modified plans, but in the lower right quadrant we can already see the engine buildings (DU – command unit) and cell factories (CP – production cells). Source: Tesla

The Previous plans we saw it Four identical buildings To the area will be added, in addition to the logistics base, there will also be a cell factory. Today it is clear that This has changed and is being designed with as many as three buildings like todayin the fourth quarter Engine Factory or Battery Factory Space – There is still room for expansion in the area. Either way, the company is said to be He has concrete plans for the second phaseThat would consist roughly of the North It reflects the current main building, doubling production capacity. Now it is said that these plans are on ice.

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this in this Is there any tactical move, perhaps this is how Musk is signaling to decision makers that the company is not tied to the German positionIt’s more speculation, but it would make sense to wait at least until the end of the running water lawsuit before constructing new buildings. If the next stage is indeed a copy of the current building, it will definitely be It would shorten and simplify the authorization procedurebut it is not unusual for Tesla not to constantly change or improve production technology, so It would be amazing if they simply copied the blueprints of the first building.

Cover image source: flybrandenburg, Youtube

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