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MSI Bravo 15: AMD’s gaming notebook

MSI Bravo 15: AMD’s gaming notebook

Many people like laptops based on AMD processors and NVIDIA graphics. The test subject was made based on the MSI recipe.

External introduction

In recent years, we have really got used to the fact that in the portfolios of major laptop manufacturers we can find a large number of AMD products, often even in the first category. The rare exception to this is MSI, which still relies almost entirely on Intel, making laptops in the mid-range at most on the smaller processor manufacturer’s CPUs. Among them is the recently tested Bravo device, which has a Rembrandt-R-series Ryzen 7 7735HS processor with Zen 3+ cores combined with a GeForce RTX 4060 GPU. The exterior is restrained, the dragon logo has been replaced with a mythical bird of prey, and Thunderbird He was captured by his elegant personality.


MSI didn’t think through the Bravo’s exterior, we’ve already seen almost every design element on one of the manufacturer’s models. In any case, fonts could be called restrained in the gamer class, there are no crisp edges, holes aren’t overemphasized, and RGB lights have been omitted.


Viewed from the top, of course, we don’t see a perfect rectangle, the corners are slightly flattened, and looking at the cooling fins on the back edge, you can feel the more powerful-than-average device running under the hood, which is mostly made of plastic. This means that this notebook is by no means as discreet as members of the Stealth series, but if you take it out in a meeting, it won’t catch everyone’s eye. We could also be satisfied with the various decorations, with the company’s logo discreetly hiding in the bezel at the bottom of the screen, while the red-eyed bird of prey custom for AMD laptops has been placed on the back of the screen instead of the usual dragon.


As mentioned, the lid is mostly plastic, but it is of good quality, and the lid of the machine itself is hard enough, you can easily lift it off the table with one hand, and it won’t crack. You do have to put some effort into lifting it, however, because compared to its 15.6in size, the laptop is relatively heavy at 2.25kg – and portability seems to have been only a minor consideration during the design. The bezel around the screen is average width by today’s eyes, so that’s no problem with that, and the webcam fits snugly on top. There is one Type-C and three Type-A connectors on either side of the laptop – the Type-C and Type-A connectors marked in blue provide the USB 3.2 Gen1 interface, and the port marked in black provides USB 2.0. We also get HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, and a 3.5mm jack onboard – overall, the range of ports is average, although a little slow, as 10 Gbps USB 3.2 Gen2 is missing.


When the notebook is turned on its back, we can see an enclosure completely filled with ventilation grilles, behind which the heat-conducting tubes that aid in cooling shimmer beautifully. Disassembly was made “difficult” by the loss of warranty sticker.


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