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Mr. Our dtum when we take care of your postايد

Soon he began to seize the body of the most beautiful and famous meteorite of the chemical, Perseidk. This is interesting because most meteors do not come, they are on cold days, and there are fewer sightings. You can read In a CBS News article.

The picture is for illustration onlyForrs:

The material also explains when it will be available Between July 14 and August 24 Active meteorites this dtum falls in mid-August, that is August 11-13 between vrhat a Maximum. Under the right conditions, we will be able to see the phenomenon of light at this time.

The first observations of Perseid were recorded by Knai horoscopes in AD 36. Later, in the eighth and ninth centuries, Japanese, kenai and Korean notes also moved away from this phenomenon, but it was mentioned less frequently since the 12th century. An ancient rediscovery may be called Adolphe Quetelet, “who described in Brussels in 1835 the meteorites that in August turned radioactive from the constellation Perseus.” The name Perseidk is also derived from here.

The Perseidk are various pieces of remnants and asteroids that have appeared, and 109P/Swift-Tuttle stks are responsible for what Lewis Swift and Horace Tuttle stks discovered in 1862. The stks orbit the sun in 133 slots, and they last passed in 1992 over the solar system. internal.

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